Client Information

Operating companies find recruiting services invaluable, as their staffs are spread thin, barely allowing them the time to interview the top candidates, leaving little time available for recruiting through their own network of contacts. Additionally, there is the cost of the staff’s time in conducting these searches. A common problem unforeseen by group leaders in operating companies is upper management eliminating a position when it is not filled in a timely manner, reasoning the vacancy has been open for so long that it must not be necessary.

Consulting firms today are expected to respond quickly to their clients demand for qualified staffs, once a project is awarded. RB&A services compliment their existing recruiting resources allows for the required flexibility in staffing.

Three Phases of the Search

Phase I – Assessment of the Vacancy

The search is initiated with an in-depth client consultation and research to determine the nature of the position, define corporate objectives and develop a characteristic candidate profile. A written description is prepared to serve as a basis of understanding between the client and the search team. The client identifies selling points used to attract the right candidate and the location of the company website to be used for this purpose.

Phase II – Identification and Evaluation

Potential candidates are identified using the criteria set forth in Phase I. Appropriate candidates are approached with the opportunity and their interest is established. The search consultant interviews the leading candidates to assess their skills and determine whether their professional interests are in line with corporate objectives. The top candidates are then submitted to the client. All candidates submitted for client interviews will be both interested and available to pursue the opportunity.

Phase III – Selection and Integration

The most suitable candidate is chosen and an appropriate employment offer is generated. References can be verified upon request. At this stage, the search consultant counsels the client as to the candidate’s needs and motivations. By insuring that both viewpoints are fully comprehended, rejected offers can be avoided.

Fee & Payment by Client

Fees are based upon the new employee’s projected earnings during the first year of employment and are computed at a rate of twenty-five percent (25%). A fee is charged only if one of RB&A’s candidates is actually hired by the client company. If no RB&A candidate is hired, there is no fee. Payment in full is due on the first day of employment.

Money Back Guarantee

Naturally, your satisfaction is guaranteed with RB&A placements. If the new employee should resign or be terminated for reasons other than reduction in work force, during their first ninety (90) days of employment, RB&A agrees to refund the fee.